"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Gifts at His Feet

Gifts at His Feet

Several years ago, the Lord began to bring a revelation to my heart and spirit about sitting at His Feet, and how it would transform my life.  As I sat with the One Who is the Word and read His Word, Holy Spirit would bring understanding to me of the passages I was meditating upon.  I would sit stunned over and over again at the beauty and depth of the heart of Jesus.

Being at His Feet soon became my favorite place to be.  Here, I saw the extravagance of the King I surrendered my heart and life to and as He asked for more, gladly I opened wide every chamber of my heart.  He is the Trustworthy One – He is the Safe One – for He is Love!

Holy Spirit began to show me how to live my life for the pleasure of My King, Lord and Lover; how to sense in my spirit-man what pleased Him and what did not; to acquire a sensitivity to walk softly, and yet confidently in and with His Love pouring into and out of a lifestyle I was being tutored in from Above.

The creativity of God is endless – all of creation a lavish display – sunrise to sunset – ever unfolding Majesty!  And, it is this same creativity that flows into and through His sons and daughters!

Thus came the idea one Christmas season years ago – to host an evening for His sons and daughters to come and offer gifts at His Feet – gifts from their hearts to His.  This could be expressed however they were led by Holy Spirit – through song, dance, poem, painting, sculpture, playing an instrument…and all would have the joy of experiencing these beautiful expressions of adoration and thanksgiving.

Each year, this is an evening I so look forward to, and have held these memories deeply in my heart.  I have wept as I have felt God’s pleasure over each gift and the smile it has brought to His Heart!  The diversity of gifts poured out at His Feet continues to amaze me.  There is no limit, nor end to the divine possibilities of creative expression of our hearts to His, if we will open wide the gates of our hearts to the creative realms of Heaven.

My book, At His Feet, which was recently released on December 25, 2014, was written for the One Who is Worthy of all praise and honor and glory!  Perhaps you will consider joining me at His Feet, and listening to what He has spoken to my heart in those precious and intimate moments.

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