"Promise has a Sound – the Sound of Eternal Covenant – the Sound of all of Heaven and God’s Love backing up what He has spoken!”

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Revelation Jumps Off the Page

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the book.  It was hard to slow down, as always, at the start of vacation and I found myself trying to devour it too quickly.  So I stopped and went back and started over again.  Consequently I am not even half way through.   Your style is so incredibly filled with the creative.  Pictures painted with words, sounds that come alive, rhythms and patterns that defy the natural, revelation that jumps off the page or settles deep inside.  It stirs up the writer in me to want to put everything else aside so I can capture His thoughts so I won’t forget them.  Thank you for your gift and sacrificing the time you have given to all of us.

~ Cathy Dodge


Six Questions

Six Questions “Six Questions Who is it that travels back and forth From the heavenly realm to the earth? Who controls the wind as it blows And holds it in His fists? Who tucks the rain Into the cloak of His clouds? Who stretches out the skyline From one vista to the other? What is… Continue Reading

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