"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Sound Coming

There is a sound that has been coming and is now upon us and it is important that we hear it, receive it and release it!  Open our ear gates Lord – cause us to hear and respond for Your Glorious Name’s Sake!

Sound coming – hear it and then release it
Sound of movement of the King
Sound of Wind and Fire
Sound of His Breath
Breath of Life – Breath of Fire
Imparting and consuming
Whirlwind of His Fiery Presence
Consummation of the Divine Three
—– Upon us
To consume, to saturate, to possess
A people called to be flames of holy fire
Who know His Breath of Life
That keeps the flame burning
Gladly offering self as the fuel and object of His fiery blaze
Not burned, but consumed and purified
Gold and holiness
Divine Union – God in us – His Life
His Life lived through us
Quiet, still,  Saturating Love
Great Possessor of our souls
As we give access to the Great Liberator and Great Possessor
Endless cycle of activity ceases
Activity is now one of surrender and abandonment for His Heart’s Desire and Kingdom purposes
Throne within His Heart
His Throne within our hearts
One King – One Kingdom
One Lord – One Purpose
Fear of death must go
—– Death of self
—– Death of self-centered dreams
—– Death of being known
—– Death of men’s ways and approvals
—– Physical death – death of anything except Him Living In Us
Then we know true freedom
Fear has lost its grip and hold
What can we lose
—– Reputation – we are not to seek one
—– Man’s recognition – seeking only Heaven’s
—– Physical life – we are already eternal beings

We journey into His Heart – the depths and chambers of Life Himself
Way and Truth lead INTO Him – union with Him
Then our shadows become dangerous and heal
It is His Shadow – we are in Him
We have not just been with God
But live and move and have our being IN HIM
Divine Mystery – mysteries
Hidden life – whether physically visible or hidden away
We are hidden in Him – He lives through us
All music, art, dance, sound….
Him being released, revealing Him and His Nature and Character
Holy Display of awestruck wonder, splendor, brilliance of a wondrous God,,
Joyous God, Confident God, Glad God
Tender and Terrible
Good and Righteous Judge
Participate with all creation and reveal Him and He will be revealed through us
Not to be known – but that HE WILL BE SEEN, KNOWN and WORSHIPPED
Time for reverence and awe  to return
Passion and purity and radiance
His Power and His Grace, His Might and His Mercy
His Depths and His Glories
Cutting the ties that keep us bound to earth’s shores
And journey into the depths of the mysteries of Christ
Navigators of His Heart
Going in and coming out and showing the Way, the Truth and the Life
Where all color and sound and creation come from
Light – Light of Divine God
Holy Three – yet One
—– Mystery of Mysteries
Encompassing of Triune God
Enfolding us into their very Nature and Being

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Photos by Chicky Taylor (Cottontaylor Creations), Andrea Van Boven Madden (Multifacetedblog.net),
Murray Hart, Martha Hart, and Connie V. Scott.