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The Power of What We Think, What We Hear, What We Say


The power of what we think, what we hear and what we say determines how we see ourselves, who we are and who we become.  It also determines how we impact those around us and the atmosphere we release around our lives and everywhere we go.
The Word of God has much to say on these three aspects of our senses.
We have five – taste, see, smell, hear, and touch.‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’.  (Psalm 34:8)
What we eat determines what we speak, release and become.
What we listen to determines what and how our lives are shaped.
What we think determines our present and future destiny.Highway of Holiness – (Isaiah 55:8-9)
There is a way God is leading us and it is on a path that is holy.  This is a path where we walk with clean hands and pure hearts – where He totally possesses our hearts – we live from this place of total consecration. We set ourselves apart for Him, to be with Him and to carry Him into this world.
Holiness is not a list of rules that we obey – but it is a life that has a ‘sold out’ sign over our hearts and anything that is not of Him cannot enter there.
The season has changed/shifted, it is a glorious hour and a sober hour.
It is the hour in which we need to align ourselves fully with Holiness of God.
We are the keepers of the gates of our hearts, words, thoughts, ears – hearing.  As sons of God we need to arise and take a holy stance – to think, speak, listen and live as Jesus lived – in full obedience from devoted love encounters with the Father!  It is from encounter – from being with HIM that this is  possible.  It is from experiencing the joy of HIS LOVE that we do not want anything that is not from Him or that is not like Him. We only want to be His reflection – His mirror image on earth.
‘On earth as it is in Heaven’!
Holy decrees – from the holy place of sitting and communing with Him.
We can no longer fellowship, listen to, nor entertain the enemies whispers and lies. When he comes knocking at our door – who answers?
Who answers the door – faith, future, hope, destiny or doubt, unbelief, shame?
OR Christ in you – the One who is Truth?It is time to circumcise not only our hearts before the Lord but to circumcise our ears and what we hear and listen to!  It is a highway, a gateway into our soul and being.
What do we listen to – the enemy’s voice or the Voice of the Shepherd?
My sheep know MY VOICE –all can hear – let us draw near to Him.
Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.  (James 4:8)It is the hour to make fresh covenant with God with all of hearts.  That the ears of our hearts would hear afresh today and cry out for a fresh hunger for His Word and the hearing of His Word into our hearts and spirits!

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