"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Words of Encouragement & News May 2019




What does the heart of God look like?
It looks like His eyes, which see every part of me and loves me anyway.
I can see the heart of God in His hands as they deliver me, mold me chastise me and comfort me.
His Heart is the shape of His smile!
The Heart of God is good and as I behold Him, I am transformed to reflect the glory of His Heart within me.
My eyes begin to see like His eyes.
My mouth utters His words.
My hands delight to do the things He would do.

What is the greatest desire of God’s heart?
We are His greatest desire!
Have we considered today how we might bring pleasure to His Heart?
LORD, what can I do for You today?

And He lovingly responds –
Run after Me – Seek Me – Want Me – Look for Me – Look at Me – Thirst for Me – Hunger for Me – Desire Me –  Reach for Me – Come to Me  –  Call out to Me – Listen for Me –  Speak to Me –  Turn to Me – Return to Me  –  Lie down with Me –  Wake up with Me – Work with Me – Serve Me –  Praise Me –  Thank Me –  Adore Me – Sup with Me – Drink of Me – Eat of Me – Enjoy Me – Inhale Me – Exhale Me –  Live in Me –  Die with Me –  Love Me – Be loved by Me!

To be loved by the Great I Am!  Mystery of Mysteries, heart awakening wonder of wonders – we are loved eternally and forever.  We came from His Heart and He beckons us to live each day within the chambers of His Heart – the place of peace, rest, joy, delight and unchanging love. To experience and truly know the fullness of Divine Holy Love.


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