"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Words of Encouragement & News – March 2021




He bids us come
Come closer My child
Let ME touch your heart
My Finger of Fire
wants to set it ablaze
Every bit of hay, wood, and stubble
That which does not reflect nor represent Me
If you allow Me
My all-consuming fire will encompass you
and devour your
I will replace it with My Servant Love
Living for Me
by My living through you
You cannot love like this on your own
holy frustration
I have allowed
Can you not see each time your own love failed
I did not look away in disappointment
No, I called out to you as a Faithful Father
Come here – come to Me –
Let us talk awhile
I have let you come to the end of yourself
Even the love you thought you had
when tested – has failed
It gives up
It wants to run away at times
It’s motives not always pure
I love you anyway!
For I know all of this, it is no surprise to Me
The love I long to pour into you requires one thing
Your very life!
For My Love is weighty
It causes one to bow low
In gratitude
In devotion
In servanthood
In holy worship
For the One Who is Worthy
Takes His very Heart and put it into yours
Holy Love – Holy Heart exchange
He paid the price
That it could be so
He asks simply
Do you want this depth, this weight of Love?
It is filled with deep joy
Shared – Lover with His own
It is the joy of a life
Poured out
Spilled out
As a cup purposely tipped upside down
Of soulish love, of self love
Set aright again
Waiting – saying
Fill me with the Love that kept You on the cross
Denying self
That I might live and move and have my being in You
Weighty love
Comes down – pours in
To a life laid out as a holy sacrifice
This one will arise
Light in their spirit
Weighty in His Presence
Day by day He bids
Come again and again and again….
This is not a one time act
It is a process
Before Me
With Me
Again and again and again…
He increases
We decrease
And you shall see Him coming forth
From within
With a Love not your own
But Divine
Pouring forth to touch a love starved world!

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