"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Words of Encouragement & News – June 2023



His Eye is looking
For the one
At the one
In awe & wonder
At His Feet
Before His Throne
His Gaze
Within & around
The very substance of our being & the atmosphere surrounding

His Intentional Gaze
Is the LOOK of Holy Creation
One Look – a new galaxy appears
One Look  – a life restored
One Look – a heart made new
One Look of  Resurrection – Glory – Power
Raises the dead dreams, hopes and places within
One Look – hear It’s Sound
One Look – hear it’s Power
One Look of Divine Intention

Give HIM our full focus
Honor Him with our full attention
He’s deserving of our full face of focused desire
Our surrendered hearts of devotion

His Intentional Gaze
One Look – a new star is formed
Releasing it’s brilliance & song
Of His Glorious Display of Power & Majesty

One Look – lock gazes
His Gaze of Holy Splendor & Divine Omnipotence
The Gaze of “I AM”

His Intentional Look
Into the depths & core of our being
Life – Light – Life
Released afresh and anew
Becoming more like Him

One Look – One Gaze
Accomplishes in a moment
‘the seemingly impossible’
All things are possible in His Intentional Gaze
To see, to hear – to awaken & live
Fully alive
In the Realm of “I AM”

His Gaze of Life
All things made new
In & through us
Lock Gazes
That His Gaze would pour in & through
Our eye gate
Holy – holy – holy
Eye gates
Releasing Realms of Glory

Fixing our gaze & our hearts
On Him
With Him
He Looks -we look
In holy alignment
From communion of our spirit with His

The Look of – all things made new
Resurrection’s Gaze
He Is The Resurrection & He Is The Life
His Intentional Gaze of Resurrection Glory
Enter in
That all is made fully alive
And that in union with Him
His Gaze – His Intentional Look
Is released through sons & daughters
With holy eye gates
Of His Kingdom’s Power & Glory & Love

His Intentional Look
Of Divine Jealousy & Holy Love
For sons & daughters
And His Promised Bride!

”What we want is more of the Holy Ghost. Oh, beloved. It is not merelya measure, it is a pressed down measure. It is not merely a presseddown measure, it is shaken together and running over. Anybody canhold a full cup, but you cannot hold an…

”What we want is more of the Holy Ghost. Oh, beloved. It is not merely a measure, it is a pressed down measure. It is not merely a pressed down measure, it is shaken together and running over. Anybody can hold a full cup, but you cannot hold an overflowing cup, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost is an overflowing cup. Praise the Lord!” -Smith Wigglesworth

Donna & Tracee Anne share from our Father’s heart fresh insight from the Word and Spirit of the Lord. You will be filled with hope and strengthened to run your race from the place of victory in the overflowing life of Jesus Christ.


Our next live Zoom is Thursday, June 22nd @ 2pm EST, 1pm Central, 12 pm Mountain and 11am Pacific.

We hope to see you there and if you cannot attend ‘live’, we will send out and email with the link to the recording. If you would like to connect via Live Zoom, please send an email request to eagleanddove@comcast.net.

Look forward to being with all of you.

Donna & Tracee Anne


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