"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Words of Encouragement & News – June 2021



Awaken the Awakeners

Time of another great awakening
Holy Spirit is awakening the awakeners
Those whom He quickened with a cry of – Awake oh Sleeper…

Get yourself ready for harvest – THEN the Bridegroom comes
Yes, get lovesick for the Bridegroom so that what HE asks of you –
you will do – where He sends, whatever He bids –

Awake oh sleeping bride to His Desire of you
CONVINCED of THIS – you go forth in garments of acceptance
Loved by the Lover of your souls
Gladly you go where no man has gone before
Physically and spiritually – pilgrimages – mandates of Heaven
As His lover you then will go into the harvest fields for HIS PROMISE
HIS REWARD – others yet to be lovers
Those yet to be sons
And those waiting as you go
Prepare the –
Calf; robe; slipper; ring
Of ownership, of Glad Love – of The Glad Lover
Passionate with love over those He died for – arose for –
Promised lovers of God waiting in the harvest field
Dry bones…………………..passionate lovers
Awakeners come forth

Angels of revelation come and remove sleep seeds from our eyes –
Remove the stupor and awaken Your Bride
To SEE HIM and to see lost lovers waiting to hear and know Him!

Thirsty Thursdays

Come and drink deeply of Him with Donna Milham and Tracee Anne Loosle.
If you are not able to attend live, there will be recordings available and sent out.

If you are interested, please send an email to:  eagledove@comcast.net
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Thirsty Thursday is the first Thursday of every month @  2pm on Zoom.

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