"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Words of Encouragement & News – January 2022




Oh Father
Use us to build a highway of holy access by Your Blood and Holy Spirit
Dismantling religious altars demanding our dreams
God’s Dreams for our lives, for ‘theirs’
To remove the stones
To speak life to half dead corpses
Lying on the side of the road
Life – life Breath of the Spirit
Breathe in and through us
Resurrection Breath
Live – live – live
Arise and dream again
The Dreams of God
We demolish every demand of religion’s altar
And dare to adventure
The length, depth, width and breadth of Spirit Realm of our Holy God & King
Hear the sound of ‘dry bones rattling’
Prophesy flesh, sinew, and spiritual muscle to be restored
To arise to the sound of a Holy Revolution
Turning over the table of religious performances, demands, and requirements
Stepping onto the path to journey
The highway of Holiness
By His Blood
Perfect Liberty
Divine Access
Enter into
The Door
The Way
And know the One Who
Made the Way
Who delights in our discovery of the Mystery & Reality
To live in and within
His Divine Boundaries
Endless exploration of His Sacrificial, All Consuming, Fiery, Desirous Love!

 ”What we want is more of the Holy Ghost. Oh, beloved. It is not merelya measure, it is a pressed down measure. It is not merely a presseddown measure, it is shaken together and running over. Anybody canhold a full cup, but you cannot hold an…

”What we want is more of the Holy Ghost. Oh, beloved. It is not merely a measure, it is a pressed down measure. It is not merely a pressed down measure, it is shaken together and running over. Anybody can hold a full cup, but you cannot hold an overflowing cup, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost is an overflowing cup. Praise the Lord!” -Smith Wigglesworth

Donna & Tracee Anne share from our Father’s heart fresh insight from the Word and Spirit of the Lord. You will be filled with hope and strengthened to run your race from the place of victory in the overflowing life of Jesus Christ.


Our next live Zoom is Thursday February 3rd, 2022 at 2pm EST, 1pm Central, 12 pm Mountain and 11am Pacific.

We hope to see you there and if you cannot attend ‘live’, we will send out and email with the link to the recording. If you would like to connect via Live Zoom, please send an email request to eagleanddove@comcast.net.

Look forward to being with all of you.


Donna & Tracee Anne


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