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Words of Encouragement & News – FEBRUARY 2024



Luke 5:12-14 NLT
“In one of the villages, Jesus met a man with an advanced case of leprosy.  When the man saw Jesus, he fell to the ground, face down in the dust, begging to be healed.  ‘Lord’, he said, ‘if you want to, you can make me well again.’
Jesus reached out and touched the man.  ‘I want to,’ He said, ‘Be healed!’
And instantly the leprosy disappeared.  Then Jesus instructed him not to tell anyone what had happened.  He said, ‘Go right to the priest and let him examine you.  Take along the offering required in the law of Moses for those who have been healed of leprosy, so everyone will have proof of your healing.”

This man was in the village where Jesus was, and he had probably heard about Him and His miracles, but now, with his own eyes – he saw Him.  This man with advanced leprosy had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So, he falls to the ground!
Face down in the dust, begging to be healed. 
 This man took the posture of humility and honor.
The posture of one desperate, pushing past the probable taunting and disgust of those around him – he bows low!

Let us consider for a moment the last altar call given at a gathering we attended–
An invitation was given to come forward for healing of some area in our heart, life, body and perhaps we held back.  Why?  Fear of being seen as weak, as less, as struggling, or not having it all together?  I certainly have been guilty of this in the past. How many times have we perhaps not been willing to go to the altar, never mind throwing ourselves onto animal trod, unclean streets.  A man who would have had to call out ‘unclean’ whenever in a public setting so all would know a leper was near, did not hesitate to fall face down on these dusty, dirty streets.

Dust, that from which we were formed by God’s Word, God’s Breath, and God’s Hand.
He lays in the dust – his body was slowly decaying from leprosy.  Like dust and ashes blowing in the wind from a dying fire, so this man’s body was eroding – body parts failing as decaying flesh fell away – little by little – and the fire of life slowly dwindling out.

Yet a spark called HOPE kindled within as he Saw LIFE – Resurrection Life – the Promised One!
And that Prophetic Promise SPOKE with HIS Very Presence.
For those who humble themselves – Holy Spirit lifts the veils and gives glimpses of Who Jesus Was and Is and Ever Will Be!  He Reveals the One Who Is The Promise and The Hope of the world.

The spark of hope lit the fire of life in his heart and caused a response that would enable the Lord to take this body – diminishing – decaying dust and speak to it.  Even as He did before time – and Adam was!  A creative miracle.  A re-creative miracle.  One God – One Source!

He cries out – If YOU want to You can make me well again.
Total faith – Jesus could and brought to light the question that can limit us today –

Jesus did not hesitate – but reaches out and touches the man and says,
“I WANT TO, BE HEALED” and instantly the leprosy was healed.

Jesus touched him, He breaks the curse of being untouchable and unclean.
He breaks isolation and loneliness.
He breaks the fear of man.
He breaks worthlessness.
He breaks hopelessness and despair.
He breaks the curse of the spirit of infirmity.


He spoke to the mountain of sickness and instantly leprosy disappeared.
Not only did it disappear but parts missing in advanced leprosy would have grown back.
And why not!
The ONE Who formed man out of dust NOW spoke to decaying dust – BE HEALED!
And the whirlwind of Creative Atmosphere of Heaven fell on him.

Though we don’t read of this – look by faith into the supernatural realm – see the activity of Holy Spirit – see His recreative miracles.

I want to be healed!


Jesus spoke His Heart’s Desire, and since He only did what He saw the Father doing – He was declaring the Father’s Heart and Desire and Holy Spirit carried it out and fulfilled –
The Desire of The Trinity!

One God – Holy Three – One Touch – Five Words!

Responding to the posture of humility and the cry of desperation!

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