"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Words of Encouragement & News – Dec 2019




He left His Glorious Radiant Robe
The Second Person of the Trinity
Stepped out of Heaven
He Who is Life & Light
The Eternal & Immortal God
He stripped Himself of Divinity
The plans The Holy Three had agreed upon before the creation of earth and mankind
That He would leave it all
So that the created ones could come Home
Home into the heart of the Father

He left it all
The angels and the four living creatures
The realm of Holy Glory
The One Who is – I AM
Left it all
The worship and realms beyond what we can imagine
Of pure and holy union and communion around the Throne

He left it all – Creator
Now a secret, sacred seed
Within a created one’s womb
A holy set apart one – they called her Mary
Chosen – the angel Gabriel told her – by God Himself
Hidden for 9 months
Inside a virgin’s womb
This God-child
The last and final Adam
Mystery of mysteries
Some still say it’s a fairy tale
Bedtime stories for little children’s ears to hear
Jesus would teach
It is the childlike who have ears to hear and hearts to understand Who He is
and these ones see – and draw near to Him

He left it all
Lord of the Angel Armies of Heaven
Ruler of Galaxies
Each star put in place by His Hand
‘Let there be’ was now replaced with
‘Let it be’ 
Your will be done Father – on earth as it is in Heaven
He left the utter amazement of myriads of angels
For the masses who one day are singing ‘alleluia’
and the next day cry ‘crucify Him’

He left it all
For you and for me
Eternity revealed through His life
He left it all and invites each of us
One at a time
With dignity & honor
With great compassion & ultimate authority
To come and follow Him
This is more than a salvation altar call, every eye closed
This is a wide-eyed open deep heart penetrating
Divine Invitation
Take up your cross and follow Me
As He left it all
He asks us to leave it all
Father, mother, safety, security, comfort, worldly delights and fascinations
Anything that comes between Him and having true holy heart communion
and union with Him
We leave it all
When we truly see Him, surrender to Him, commune with Him
Get a glimpse of – I AM
The Eternal One
Holy revelation from Holy Spirit – Third Person of the Trinity
He alone reveals the secrets of Who He is and all He has done
And all Jesus extends out to us
Costly Sacrifice
For laid down lives
His true followers are lovers
Who desire to be with Him – no matter where He leads
The highway, the byway
It matters not
Only that we are with – I AM

He left it all
For God so loved the world…
We leave it all
For God so loved us…
Nothing is too costly to lay down
At His Feet
There is no more noble a place to posture ourselves!

A Throne, to a womb, to a stable and a manger
To a carpenter’s home
To baptism in the Sea of Galilee
To 40 days in the wilderness
To 3 years of revealing His Kingdom’s Reality
To a Garden of suffering
To a cross
To a tomb in a garden
To be seated at the Right Hand of the Father
In Resurrection Glory

He left it all
He showed us the Way, He is the Way
A lowly posture of humility & surrender to His Father’s Desires
A single life of devotion, honor & obedience
Family – community with holy and sacred communion of the heart
He showed us the Truth – He is Truth
Baptism into – a life not His Own
All He was and ever would be
The Son of God
This is My Beloved Son…
The Truth of Who He was and will always be
The truth of who we are as we follow Him
Redeemed sons and daughters of God
Because He left it all
That we might have all of His Kingdom
Firstborn of a new race
Our elder Brother
Our Savior and King
He showed us Life – He is Life
Life Eternal
Risen Resurrected King
Nothing, no one, no power
Could hold back the Father’s Love
This Love released resurrection’s power that raised Him from the dead
With the Keys of death, hell and the grave in His Hands
Life & Light
The Light of the World
The Bright Morning Star
Extends to us
That He would extend through us
To a dark and lost world
I AM the Light of the world
I AM the Promise
I AM the Promise Keeper
I AM the One who dreamed of you and brought you forth
I AM the ONE Who came for you
Died for you
Rose again for you
I left it all for you
Will you leave it all for Me?

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