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Words of Encouragement & News – April 2021


Sonship & Betrayal

The Lord spoke to my heart – For my people to walk in true sonship they must deal with the wounds of betrayal.  Betrayal that is not dealt with can cause hearts to be filled with mistrust and suspicion.  This can lead to erecting walls around their hearts and lives to protect themselves from being wounded from betrayal again.

To be a son you will be called to lay down your life.  And you will do this by the side of others that you are called to walk in divine alliance with, and it will be with holy love and holy trust.  Trust bears the weight of these relationships.  Trust is what brings them through the tests, the lies and pressures that will surely come.

Holy trust and holy love will bring forth holy relationships.  Holy love is the mortar that holds and binds their hearts in true alliance.  It requires both!
You will not be able to trust if a dagger or arrow is in your back.
Even worse is when it is in your heart, for the betrayer would have looked you in the eyes as they stuck the knife and stabbed you.
But the ONE Who was betrayed with a kiss and said ‘My friend” enables you to forgive and be healed and step into trust again – step into love again.

He says – will you RISK AGAIN for His Names’ Sake?

Judas had given them a prearranged signal: “You will know which one to arrest when I go over and give him the kiss of greeting.” So Judas came straight to Jesus, “Greetings, Teacher?”  he exclaimed and gave him the kiss. Jesus said, “My friend, go ahead and do what you have come for.”  Then the others grabbed Jesus and arrested him.  (Matthew 26:48-50 NLT)

Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss –
You did not scream, cry, yell – How could you Judas?
You called him “My friend”
You did not deny him Your Heart and Your Love, even in betrayal
Calmly You stood amidst the disciples – betrayed by one,
Angry mobs and soldiers with swords and clubs
Hatred in their eyes and hearts
In the garden You cried out in anguish and distress
You fell on Your face and asked if this cup could be passed – taken away
You soul was crushed with grief almost to the point of death
You sweat blood
You entered fully into agony and the emotions of what was coming
The cross
The betrayal
The denial of the ones who said they never would
Yet You did this all with the Father
In hiddenness
With three chosen
Who slept
In the hour of betrayal
You manifested PEACE
Your will submitted to Father’s
Thousands of angels watched
Would you call for their help
You manifested TRUTH
‘put away your sword, those who use the sword will be killed by the sword’
You healed the ear cut off in a desperate attempt to protect You
You needed no protection by earthly men
They didn’t understand
Judas, one of Your very own

I have yet to sweat blood
Though inside I have felt at times I would die or was dying in my soul from
The pains of betrayal
Oh may all I have gone through and will yet go through
Bring me to the GARDEN with You
to be with You
The Victorious Lover
And will You teach me how to say
‘my friend”…..
to the ones who have and will betray me with a kiss.


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