"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Words of Encourage & News – January 2021



By Donna Milham

To walk under, in and to release these words of His Love will transform our lives in every way – body, mind, soul and spirit!
God Loves You!
Three greatest words we can ever hear for our own lives and ever say to anyone else –

His Love is the foundation of all the power of the Kingdom of God

We must not settle for anything less than the works of Heaven, healing, deliverance, signs and wonders, peace and joy and righteousness……this is all the Kingdom of God being revealed on earth.
It is through you and me that He reveals Himself, we are His Hands extended!  We are His eyes looking, watching, expressing mercy and love.
We are His mouthpieces to speak Truth with Love, Mercy and Grace, Future and Hope!
We are the ones Heaven is watching and waiting for to act upon our faith.
We are the ones that He wants to inhabit – to live and move and have our being in Him.

Acts 17:28
‘For in Him we live and move and have our being; as even some of your [own] poets have said, For we are also His offspring.’ AMP

Acts 17:28-29
’ We live and move in him, can’t get away from him! One of your poets said it well: ‘We’re the God-created.’ TM

God created – have our being in him – exist in Him, by Him, through Him.
It is breathing the very breath of God and walking in that each day.
Religion has made our walk with God so very complicated…………
It is a walk of rest and peace and yes we will have troubles and trials and tribulations and difficulties and it is not easy…….He never said it would be easy and without pain – but He said He would be with us and in us and live through us.

Our walk is to be in a rhythm that we breathe in and out the atmosphere of Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven which is righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!
If we find ourselves not in this realm, then we are not in the realm of His Kingdom and we need to stop and see what has pulled us out of this realm or why we are not in this realm.
This is not about being a perfectionist – only Jesus walked perfectly in this – but He learned it, as we do and He set the example and path and way for us in this.

He did not let things, circumstances affect Him, He effected the circumstances, He changed atmospheres just be being in a room, by showing up! Things changed.
When He spoke then things shifted and aligned with Heaven’s Decrees, remember He only did and said what He saw His Father doing or saying.
That is why He healed ‘one’ by the pool of Bethesda, it was what He saw His Father doing!
There were many sick there – we want formulas and to understand everything about healing – but God does not always reveal every detail to us, every revelation – but He has invited us to COME UP HERE so we can see from God’s point of view.

We can no longer afford to see things from our point of view.
Viewing our history from how we see things, our victories and our failures……how God sees is very different and He wants us to view from Heaven’s perspective – our past, present and where He is bringing us.

God desires for us to live in His Security – the Security of His Word and His Promises and His Love!  And from this place to bring others into that security.
The world is in desperate need of this security and God is working within all of our lives to show us where we are NOT walking in THIS security so we will and can bring others into this realm of the GIFT OF PEACE OF HEART AND MIND that He has promised.

It is found and learned in His Presence……His Word……and walked out in the trials and tribulations of life………..it is here it is proven if we truly are walking in this place of Peace!
And then He invites us to come in deeper in the places He reveals that are not yet in those realms of peace.  It is His Great Love pursuing these places in us.  Yes the devil will try to stir things up, but many things God allows so we can see where we are at – litmus test.
God is looking to break into our lives if we will let Him and breakthrough every bondage and fear and be let loose in and through our lives as the WILD GOD that He is!!!

God is tearing down mindsets and paradigms of who He is and how He functions and what is on His Heart to do in this hour.
He wants to be let loose…….break down every box and let Him out!
He wants to have HIS WAY in each of our lives  ……..He wants a place where HE IS FREE with NO limitations – with our minds, hearts, watches……Free to be GOD……..

Where is that place?????  His Eye is searching the earth and when He finds those places He moves……..He wants to show us who He really is and teach us afresh WHO He really is – this amazing God of ours.
He wants to show us that He hears our prayers and is more than able to answer faith filled prayers of those who HEAR from heaven and pray His Kingdom Come – His Will be done……..not if it be thy will…….but THY KINGDOM  COME THY WILL BE DONE ONE EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!


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