"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

To Live In Your Gaze

To Live In Your Gaze

To live in Your Gaze

Oh a fearful thing if I were to only anticipate judgment

But the fear of the Lord is beautiful for the lovers of God

 I live in His Gaze of Pleasure

He flows in and through me

The ebb and flow of His

Love & Grace

Mercy & Kindness

Truth & Justice

I walk this day with Him

On His Path

Choosing His Ways

Above mine

I sense His Pleasure

As I walk – there are moments of Mystery

When I am aware

Of His Gaze upon me

I stop and look up

And His Gaze – like the sun shining upon my face –

Warms my heart

His enjoyment of me

Just me

Being His child

Penetrates to the very core of my being

Walking Hand in hand

Heart to heart

His smile is now on my face

I am captured again

By His Gaze of Love

And my step is lighter and joy-filled!

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Photos by Chicky Taylor (Cottontaylor Creations), Andrea Van Boven Madden (Multifacetedblog.net),
Murray Hart, Martha Hart, and Connie V. Scott.