"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

Six Questions

Six Questions

“Six Questions

Who is it that travels back and forth

From the heavenly realm to the earth?

Who controls the wind as it blows

And holds it in His fists?

Who tucks the rain

Into the cloak of His clouds?

Who stretches out the skyline

From one vista to the other?

What is His name?

And what is the name of His Son?

Who can tell me?”  Proverbs 30:4 TPT

Heaven is asking these six questions – they are hovering over mankind – and heaven is waiting for a response –

‘Who is it that travels back and forth from the heavenly realm to the earth’?

Movies and media have led many to believe in superheroes, visiting aliens, various gods and deities, yet all of this is myths, fables and false – leading many lives astray from the true answer to this question.

‘Who controls the winds as it blows and holds it in His fists?’

The One who said peace to the stormy seas – still speaks peace into the hearts of His people today.

The sea of mankind seems lost in the tyranny of the urgent – sitting in the boats of their circumstances – crying out deep inside their beings – where is peace?

Who will still the wild winds and seas in our lives and hearts?

Heaven is teeming with its response –

The One who drew the boundaries of the seas with His Finger, the One who sang the stars names and placed them into the night sky – He is the One.

This is the One ‘Who tucks the rain into the cloak of His clouds’.

What a picture of majesty and power, a grand display of His Might, all of creation at His Command.

It the season for His people to no longer sit and whimper a prayer with a distant hope of maybe God will answer.

It is time to go beyond catching a glimpse of His Kingship – and enter into gazing upon His Majesty, allowing that revelation to transform our hearts and minds  – and from that heart transformation – calling upon His Mighty Right Arm to move.

This is the One ‘Who stretches out the skyline’.

May we stand in awestruck wonder at the Master Artists Handiwork – colors blazing and displaying His Heart’s Emotions for mankind to grasp – to enter into His invitation and revelation – This Is Who I Am!

Soft pink skies with touches of purple hues- reveal my Compassion and Tender Love.

The fiery red and golden explosions that unfold like a garment – wave upon wave of escalating splendor – this is My Passionate Love, My Fiery Desire and Longing, My All-Consuming Thoughts of you and for you.

The ‘vistas’ are endless in their repertoire for no two skies are ever the same – they begin and end from within Him  – the Timeless, Eternal One who always was, who is and ever will be.

What is His name?

And what is the name of His Son?

Who can tell me?’ 

The Great Question – all of creation is waiting for man’s response.

As His people, may we arise with boldness, confidence and without apology –

His Name is I AM WHO I AM

Eternal God, Heavenly Father, Creator of All

His Son is Jesus Christ –  Lord and Ruler of All

Savior and Mighty Royal King

May our mouths open wide and declare – Truth, Revelation, Majesties and Mysteries

of our Eternal King and Eternal Home.

May we shout aloud in every sphere of influence that our lives impact

Reveal the answers, be the answers

Swallow up the lies with His truth

Truth revealers, holy revelators

This is WHO He is

For me

And who He can be for you

He is the Way,

The Truth,

The Life

I know the One Who is the Answer to each of these six questions

and He is the answer to your heart’s cry.

Open up – open wide your hearts and let this Heavenly King enter in

Then all of the answers of your soul and spirit will be fulfilled.

That place and space within your heart created only for Him – nothing, no one else fits there.

Man has tried money, fame, love stories, success, titles…..still the emptiness rings louder than the fleeting moments of mankind’s recognition and applause.

In the still of the night, you are still alone and the questions still hover –

‘Who can tell me?’

Who will tell them?

They are waiting

Let us venture out with His eternal responses to these six questions and be sensitive to the Spirit’s whisper.

Perhaps you are the one to share as you stand watching the dusk sky that is displaying His Beauty – suddenly you turn feel led to turn to the person standing near you and say –

I know the Name of the One Who painted the sky tonight and I know the Name of His Son.

Actually I not only know their Names – they are family to me –

Almighty God – Yahweh – He is My Father

Jesus, His Son, is My Savior and

Holy Spirit is the One who leads me into all truth

He longs and desires to reveal this to your heart today.

The All Powerful, All Knowing, Eternal King and His Kingdom,

Displayed over and around you this night

LOOK UP – See His Own Hand  is painting in the night sky – declaring

I AM WHO I AM – the One True God!

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