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May 2018 Newsletter


Jesus Gazed into Heaven

Mark 6:40-44
“40 So they had them sit down in groups[a] of hundreds and fifties. 41 Then Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, gazed into heaven, and gave thanks to God. He broke the bread and the two fish and distributed them to his disciples to serve the people—and the food was multiplied in front of their eyes! 42 Everyone had plenty to eat and was fully satisfied. 43 Then the twelve disciples picked up what remained, and each of them ended up with a basket full of leftovers! 44 Altogether, five thousand families[b] were fed that day!”
He broke the bread and fish and distributed them to the disciples to serve people and the food was multiplied in front of their eyes!
He did nothing apart from Father & Holy Spirit
He gazed to where HE came from
He gazed to His Eternal Home
He gazed to His Eternal Provision and Supply
He gazed in humility and honor
He gazed with words of thanksgiving
Confident He heard – now the Realm of Heaven’s Truth and Atmosphere was
about to be displayed on earth as it is in heaven:
No lack – only abundant provision
A Father who sent His Son – will always provide for His children, spiritually and practically
He gazed setting an example, showing the WAY
A Son in submission to His Father out of adoring Love and Honor
Posture of – Holy Dependency – Holy Obedience
He calmly and purposely broke the bread and fish
Never in a hurry
The gaze of His Heart always fixed on Home even as His Gaze is now on
the miracle provision that is about to take place
And upon the people about to receive
The disciples – up close – watched His every move – He gives the fish and bread into their hands.
See HIS EYES – gazing into theirs.
THE ONE who called them to come and be fishers of men would now show them how to become servants of heaven through the miraculous multiplication of earthly bread and fish.
He immersed them into the Eternal Waters of the never ending flow of
God’s Love & Kindness.
HIS EYES were calm, confident, tender, caring and spoke faith into their hearts.
They would take the broken pieces of bread and the fish and then have to take the first step of faith towards their first group of 50 or 100 and extend their hands with provision.
Did they wonder – so what is next?
When the pieces in our hands are given out – then what?
What about the rest of the hillside?  5,000 families?
Did they think – this is crazy, insane, embarrassing?
Why would HE put us in this position?
12 men + Jesus + 5,000 families
5 loaves – + 2 fish – broken up in the natural = foolishness
The difference – the REALITY
Humility & Surrender  = Heaven’s Response
= 5,000 families fed!
Eyes of the disciples – stunned as the bread and fish multiplied again and again and again…………
Looking at JESUS – His Smile
Rejoicing in Heaven’s Display
The Goodness of God is His Glory
“Food multiplied in front of THEIR EYES”
Where was the people’s gaze???
First upon themselves and their hunger and their need for food
Then upon disciples telling them to sit in groups 50 and 100
Then on Jesus – standing GAZING INTO HEAVEN
FRUIT – evidence of His Heart’s Posture
+ ACTIONS = Multiplication and provision for all
Before their eyes – food multiplied, like a leg growing out or blind eyes suddenly opened.
Their eyes beheld the fruit of Father-Son-Spirit in holy union
They gazed upon the soon to be LAMB
Who would become the Bread of Life and never would they or we be hungry again
They gazed into the EYES of one of His Natures – PROVIDER!
Abraham met Him at the Mount – ready to sacrifice Isaac
Jehovah Jireh provided the sacrificial lamb as a result of Abraham’s humility and obedience.
Gaze of our eyes
Eyes of our hearts
Will we see The Lamb
Slain before the foundations of the world
As Provider for our lives – eternally and daily?
May we gaze into heaven this day and
Give thanks!
With hearts of humility and worship
The One who is our Eternal Provider
Is in our midst
Will we see Him
Will we gaze and bow our hearts and open our hearts to receive?

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