"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

March 2018 Newsletter



The road of humility leads to encountering God’s covenantal eternal embrace

Releases the sound of holiness

Releases the glory realm of the Holy Three

Releases the sound of Him who lives in Royal Regal Glory

It transforms us into His likeness

He spoke – He sang everything into existence

Creative realms of ‘let there be……….’

Majestic trees came forth and moved in response to His Breath and His Song

from these very trees

mankind – made in His image – would create

The wooden trough where He would lay as a babe for

angels, mankind and even the animals to come and adore

He would be trained as a carpenter’s son

Working with the wood from the trees He spoke forth

Living a simple life

He would learn obedience and servanthood

He humbly postured himself and was baptized by his cousin John the Baptist

He heard His Father’s response

“This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”

To His life of simplicity and humility

A wooden torch blazing against the darkness of the night

in the hands of an angry roman garrison

They searched Him out in the garden

Where He had sweat blood for you and for me

The trough

The torch

The crown of thorns

The wooden cross

The spear thrust into His Side

All of these came from those trees

He was led by the Eternal Sound of Redemption beating within His Heart

For all of mankind

All of creation awaiting its release


Perfect pardon purchased by His Blood

He rules and reigns – this man – King – the Divine One

Keeping eternally His resurrected body and yet Spirit

Seated on His Throne in Resurrection Glory

All Authority, All Power,

Humility and Love

Surrender and Obedience

Made the way for the Holy Three’s Eternal Plan

For you and for me

Will we walk this path – not here and there

But 24/7 – will we BE HUMILITY – BE LOVE

Hear it’s sound

This sound woos us

Into the depths of His death and the heights of His Resurrection

Into the depths of forgiveness and the heights of freedom

Into the depths of humility and the heights of His favor and grace

Into the depths of mercy and the heights of ‘It is finished’

Into the reality of the simplicity of being loved by I AM!


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