"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

March 2016 Newsletter


hawaiiThere is a cry deep within my spirit man for greater silence, deeper places of God – hidden within – the mysteries of Heaven Above.

There is still too much noise and busyness around us – and within us.

The goal is to pioneer the place of quiet and rest within the Heart of God.

It is HERE we are tutored by Holy Spirit how to live and move and have our being within the very Heart of God.   (Acts 17:28)

Once one accepts the Lord Jesus into their hearts and lives as their personal Lord and Savior a transformation begins. We are no longer darkness but light – we are children of the Father of Lights from which every good and perfect gift comes down from Above. Jesus lives within our hearts and spirits – He is enthroned there.

He is seeking to dethrone every place in our soul!  This is where the NOISE IS.  This is where the warfare is – with our soul.

He is seeking to rule our souls and He does this one throne at a time – whatever is above Him, comes before Him, that we have not given to Him He is after.

For He is looking for a people who are fully His – fully owned by Him – fully giver over – from a heart of glad love given to the God who loves us wildly and passionately.

Holy Spirit is the Wild Goose – no one can predict His coming and going- and so it is with seeking to live in this reality – it is wild and unpredictable what God will do, how He will come, what He will ask of us…….

This is leaving the comfortable land of the familiar, even in the church, the familiar church service, the way things are done, we have come to expect, this is next and that is next…….

Even in the freest settings most have a routine they have that people seem to know what is next……worship, offering, announcements, maybe a prophetic word or two……a special song……message and altar ministry….

This is all good…..and beautiful –

But I believe there is a way He is calling NOW –  the Wild Goose is saying…..will you leave the FAMILIAR and EXPLORE THE EDGE OF GLORY!

Leaving the familiar however, especially in the church body, will lead us to peoples unlike us, they will worship other gods, they will not understand who you are and Whose you are, but this is one of the main reasons to explore, to reach a peoples with the Light of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and invite them to get into the boat of  ETERNAL DESTINY and journey with us towards  our  native Home Land!

This is not our home – this is our Assignment!

We are to bring Heaven down – to carry the Kingdom within us and release it everywhere we go. To daily seek to walk in a stillness and quietness within this noisy and restless world.

The worldly kingdom  mindset thinks they are pioneering – but often it is simply another gold rush….quick fix, self- centered  journey….that ends in nothingness and emptiness……….

Only GOD can fill the void  – He is the journey and He is the beginning and the end. We begin in Him, journey in Him, and with Him and end within Him

Deeper and deeper we venture into His heart and into the heavenly realms of holy peace, holy light and illumination.

Will we ride the waves of His Hearts emotions for us in our quiet times. Sometimes still like glass, sometimes burning passion with waters of His Love pouring into our hearts…..

This is the call to pioneer the love of God in quiet waiting and loving participation with Holy Spirit.

Will we leave the familiar behind and be willing to explore new realms with Him?



Donna will be speaking at the following events:

April 1 – The Life Center – Williston, VT – 7pm (www.lifecentervt.com)

April 21 – 23  – Together International Passover Summit – Pennsylvania (www.togetherinternational.net)    Donna us currently open for speaking engagements.  Please contact Donna@DonnaMilham.com if you are interested in having her speak at an upcoming event.



I am still working on my book and hoping for it to be released in 2016. Thank you for those who have sent love gifts and who have and continue to pray for this to be finished and published.

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