"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

December 2016 Newsletter


“For today in Bethlehem a Rescuer was born for you”-  Luke 2:11 TPT

Today not yesterday or tomorrow – TODAY!  No longer waiting for the Promise – the Promise of a Rescuer is fulfilled today!

Simple shepherds in a field – blazing light and glory – angels speaking – the Hope of the Nations is here NOW – this very day.

The Light of the World has come.

JOY – rejoice – most Joyous News and you are hearing this – like David on a hill with his sheep – the simplicity of devotion to the Father – waiting, singing, meditating, watching.

Revealing the posture of when God comes – the posture of Adoration!

He is the Messiah – Lord Jehovah, Lord Yahweh!

There is no other – your waiting and watching is over – on your watch the Promised has been fulfilled – Christ the Lord is born this day.

All of history and time changes forever – B.C. has now become A.D. – the calendars of mankind have entered into the eternal shift.

It is all about Jesus – The Messiah, Son of the Most High God, Mighty One, Rescuer, Deliverer, Healer, Restorer, Righteous Judge, Savior, Merciful One, Truth, Light.

This is WHO was born that day.

He is not a Christmas card or song – though we joy to send them and sing them and share the Good News!

He was and is the Living Message, teeming with Light – He is the Light of the World.

And the Headlines of Heaven and earth declared that day and this day –

The Light of the World has come.

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I am still working on my book and am anticipating a spring or summer 2017 release!

Thank you to those who have sent loves gifts and continue to pray for this to be finished and published.

Your prayers and support are so appreciated.

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