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Christmas Blessings – Dec 2017 Update




Holy Illuminating One
Radiant in Glory Splendor
You overtake my darkness and fill me with
Love Light Life
That is Who You are
You deposited Yourself into me
We became one
Perfect liberty – perfect light
Holy beams of Eternal Truth & Love
You are Holy Light
Releasing Light Beams of Holy Truth & Peace
To the nations
And yet to our individual hearts
Will we see, will we hear
The sounds of that Divine night
Still echoing through
Timelessness of Realms of Eternity
Longing to be released on earth
That hearts would suddenly burst open
And eyes blinded by worldly wooings
Blink in astonishment
Can this truly by the One we awaited
That space within our hearts
Void – empty
Nothing – no one could fill it
Yet this sound of this Divine One
This Divine Night
Is pouring into my being
I cannot stop its flow
I don’t want to
It is holy – it is truth
I now grasp the reality
This place within is Sacred ground
Sacred Space within my heart
Meant only for the Eternal Divine One
O Holy Night
I enter into the place of past, present and future
Eternal Timelessness of God
And I bow in holy adoration
Worthy is the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world
Holy is the Lamb, crucified, yet risen
Glory to the King, the Lion of Judah
Seated on His Royal Regal Throne
Oh Divine Night – Divine Light
Light overtakes darkness of our hearts
As we surrender every chamber
His decree of ‘let there be light’
Suddenly ushers into our being
Like lightning and thunder
Bolts of Eternal Wisdom and Revelation
Illuminate our minds, soul, our spirit,
Our beings – light beings
Darkness swallowed up in the sound of Divine Light
Hear the angels’ song
Echoing through the galaxies
Holy – Holy – Holy
Let us fall on our knees in glad surrender
Eternity past, present and future is here
The Timeless One
Stepped into time
And turned the page of history
B.C. became A.D.
And nothing can turn the page back
The One Who was and is and always will be
Is within
Hear the Sound of Night Divine
Within and around
Let it surround you
Pulsating with Holy Life
Reverberating  – Releasing
Holy Love
Like Light waves into your being
Once  we walked in darkness
Now we walk in Light from Above
Light within and aroun d
Glorious One
Sounds of Divine Night – Divine Light
Let these notes of Glory
Transform your DNA
You are not a commoner anymore
You are of royal heritage
A King was born
A King died
A King rose from the dead
A King is seated on His Throne
He is the King of Kings
This Divine Night
Released Heaven’s Divine Sound
Of His Kingdom’s Reign
Hear it – receive it- release it
Oh Holy Divine Night
It’s power awakens hearts of mean
And strips bare the powers of darkness
Exposing them, dismantling them forever
Arise in the Sound of that Divine Night
Arrayed in the beauty of His Divine Light
The Sound of Life, Light and Love
The Sound of Overcoming
Sons of the Divine -Arise!
May the Divine Light of Love fill your hearts this Christmas season and throughout 2018 (and beyond)!
Merry Christmas,
Donna Milham

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