"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

At Sea’s Edge

It is at the sea’s edge I plant my feet and set my heart to listen
for the One
Who drew the boundaries, of the oceans, rivers, and continents
Placed the stars in the night sky
Painted the dawn with vibrant colors
that announce –
fresh grace and mercy this day
I wait in the stillness of the early morn
Familiar clanging of the red channel marker
In the foggy mist
which gives way to the sun rising over the meadows
The sea sparkles and waves crash with the divine dance of heaven’s celebration
A new day has dawned!
The seabirds join in the dance and cry out their agreement
as they hover on the breath of the wind
catching each gust, carrying them higher and higher
Oh the pure joy of effortless soaring
He quickens my heart  – and so it is for you My daughter
Effortless – let go – abandon everything – this moment
Begin this day, caught up in My Breath
The Wind of My Spirit
And soar above your circumstances and life’s demands
‘live and move and have your being in Me’
Put your face fully to the wind of My Spirit
Fully receive My Breath of Life
Breathe Breathe Breathe Me in
Here we go
Even higher
Into the Realm of Rest and Peace
The oceans roar
The seabirds cry out
The spray of the waves
All surround you
Tangible sounds and substance of earth’s realm
Encounter ME in My creation and go deeper
Into Eternity’s Promise
Of union with and in Me
Cry out your song as you soar on the waves of Love
From My Heart to yours
Feel the tangible substance of My Passion
Refreshing like the ocean’s mists
Make time – take time
With Me – in Me
Like ocean’s waves – never ending
Relentlessly washing over the sandy shoreline
So I will wash over, wash into – you
the very Substance of My Being
Holy Love!
At the sea’s edge
I can see again
I can feel again
I can hear again
Afresh and refreshed
It beckons me over and over
Come, sit
Be changed forever
In Him, with Him, in His Creation
In His Presence
Now and forever!

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Copyright © 2014 Donna Milham. All rights reserved.

Photos by Chicky Taylor (Cottontaylor Creations), Andrea Van Boven Madden (Multifacetedblog.net),
Murray Hart, Martha Hart, and Connie V. Scott.