"He is the Word ever writing upon our hearts and minds! He writes new revelation and wonders of who He is on willing hearts!"

April Newsletter

Dear Friends,


Dare to dream again – those dreams you thought were impossible and set aside.  It is time to own those hidden dreams, those thoughts you thought were just your thoughts… Why not you?  Why not now? It is never too late!  We never want to live with REGRET or set up camp in the ‘land of regrets’.We must be willing to make mistakes, get up, learn from our mistakes, and keep going – deeper into His Dream!  But His Dreams are never in isolation, they are linked with His Body.  We help each other’s dreams to come forth!

The Bible is filled with those who dreamed in their hearts, some saw their dreams come true others did not, but they continued to hope with heaven’s expectation.

Mary dreamed of her life with Joseph, she didn’t expect to carry Jesus in her womb and all the trials she would endure. Her dream of married life was very different from what she had always expected, but she gave up her dream for GOD’S!

Matthew the tax collector, what was his dream? He was hated, despised, called the scum of the earth.  There was no place of peace for him, until Jesus called to him, “Come and follow Me.”  Suddenly he was accepted and valued.  Jesus even went to his house to eat.

This suddenly, transformed this man! Jesus gave him a dream; to follow HIM.  Once he was hated, now he was loved, valued, and called out.  Come follow ME out of this place, into an even more difficult place, but one that is filled with My Glory and My Love.

The Centurion pushed through everything for the dream of his servant being healed.  Jairus had a dream of his daughter being healed.  The woman with the issue of blood had a dream that caused her to push through every legality and religious boundary of her day to touch the ONE who oozed Heaven’s Healing Grace

Mary and Martha had a dream that Lazarus would not have died if Jesus had been there.  Jesus responded to their dream and spoke with authority, “Roll the stone aside!  Lazarus come out!  Unwrap him and let him go.”

These were not suggestions He spoke, but commands with all of His Father’s authority and Heaven’s power released – for the sake of His Father’s Glory and for the love of His friends.

Jesus has a dream for each of us.  To we walk in His dreams for our lives and then we will believe and cry out for those who are dreams are spiritually dead –

Roll away the stones of death
death of dreams and destinies
Prophesy to wombs ready to abort spiritually
Come forth
Unwrap the ones bound in lies and grave clothes of the enemies  lies and deceptions
Exchange them for the kingly robe, ring, sandal – authority through His LoveDREAMERS OF IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS…

God has a dream for each of our lives
God has corporate dreams and places for us in His Body where His dreams become reality
Unholy independence now being replaced with holy interdependence and covenant
God will have a covenant people and the world will know we are Christians by our love
And this love will loose the power of God
It is not pursuing power, but love
Signs and wonders follow love!

Restorers with love, grace, mercy, compassion and passion

Dreams too small?  If they can be done by you – then they are your dreams…..
If they are impossible – they are God’s – and He will get the glory!

The hour we are in is a glorious one, teeming with Heaven’s Dreams for each of our lives.  May we step into this season with great hope and expectation!  He is risen and He wants to resurrect and empower His dreams for our lives.

I had the joy and honor of being with Tracee Anne and Randy Loosle at The Hope Center in Farmington, Utah.  It was a weekend of His precious presence and glorious embrace!  How wonderful it is when we can come together and celebrate, participate, and see what God has whispered into hearts to be birth before our very eyes!

I will be travelling to visit my friends Dawn and Randy Cutter at New Dawn Community Church and speaking at the School of the Spirit on Friday evening  April 1.

It is my heart’s desire to walk through doors that His Hand opens, to share what He has spoken to my heart and to enjoy the fellowship with precious and dear friends and new ones waiting to be discovered.

If you are interested in having me come and share my heart, speak, and/or minister please feel free to contact me at: Donna@DonnaMilham.com.

At His Feet,

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